The Journey is the Journey #80

The Journey is the Journey

Episode Eighty finds us graced with special guest, Allison Hare. She jumps right in with a fun antidote about her last 24 hours – that fits perfectly with our essence of our podcast.

In her own words: “I am a proud wife, a mom of 2, a creative behind a mic, resigned from my position as a technology sales executive to pursue these creative endeavors, Podfest speaker, an Akimbo Workshops alum, and a local volunteer living in Atlanta, GA.”

This was a wonderful experience, hopefully for all three of us. I believe it was for Marc and I…

You may connect with Allison via her website:

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Peace is Inevitable, episode 79 #mopedoutlaws #enjoy

Peace is Inevitable

We start off with some small talk about what we watched, a little politics, and then…

We dive right into a documentary about One Touch/OM, a podcast about the documentary, “Tig and Cheryl: True Stories”, and our own personal experiences with the practice…

Luckily – peace is inevitable.

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They Come in All Flavors #mopedoutlaws #enjoy

They Come in All Flavors

This is coming in… cold: baby it’s cold outside. A little catching up post Thanksgiving. We talk about the upcoming traditional sycamore solstice caroling. Then we get into some generalizations… when is generalizing appropriate?

Really? We’re talking crypto? Yes we are… and dating.

And there is some appreciation of a friend’s life: here’s to you, Mr. Hurt.

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Sperm Banking in NYC After 9/11

Sperm Banking in NYC After 9/11

This episode is with special guest, Bob DePasquale – “The Generosity Guy”.

As a teenager, he experienced a perfect storm – cancer and 9/11 hit him personally… and set him on a journey he is still on, learning about the importance of generous acts. Bob was extremely transparent with his story; and inspiring to both of us outlaws.

I think you are going to benefit from Bob’s generosity of time and energy…

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Bob DePasquale – “The Generosity Guy” 😃
Speaker 📢 Author 📚 Host🎙️
Founder of @initiateimpactfamilyoffices 🚀
Travel Buddy @mrsdepasquale ✈️


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone <3

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Golden Boys Are No Match For Brass Balls #mopedoutlaws #enjoy

Golden Boys Are No Match For Brass Balls

We start with our thoughts on Trump’s 2024 announcement… Dave Chappelle on SNL – the brilliance of this SNL episode.

We state a couple of desires… play music… hello? Mr. Chappelle?

We crack on our producer; our production values… calling in, instead of calling a person out (our group out).

We talk comedy & comedians… and stepping into our own greatness. We are our only hope.

Save our dolphins… and other living creatures. At least respect them.

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Firestarter, episode 74


Episode 74 was an amazing experience… we start off with a piece of media from our guest, Sanyika “The Firestarter” Street – a powerful spoken word piece. It was the first of two he shared with us.

Sanyika is a powerhouse!

He spoke a bit about his history and his challenges… and the real fire was him talking about integrity and being all in with one’s life. As Marc stated, it was a real pleasure and an honor to have him guesting our show. This really is a powerful episode!!

If you’re interested in more information and want to work with Sanyika, he can be found here:

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Mushrooms at the Slaughterhouse

Mushrooms at the Slaughterhouse

Americano: just a bad espresso. Americans, once again, ruin a fine import.

meat. groundhog day. nothing says i love you like rubber.

…an offer you can’t refuse. heal your racist tendencies.

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