Held In a Body of Love #130 #mopedoutlaws #enjoy

Held In a Body of Love

Episode #130 finds us hanging out with Martina Clark, streaming from Brooklyn, New York. Martina is in her own words, “Author, Activist, Educator, Grateful Aunt, and occasional Singer”. She’s far more than that. Martina is a survivor. We dive into the deep end of the pool with Martina, talking about her marriage to a person with a mental illness, diagnosed after they had divorced, and the path of healing from the mental trauma she experienced in that relationship. Read more

I Am Wolf #129 #mopedoutlaws #enjoy

I Am Wolf

Comic. Radio DJ, Father, Narcolepsist, Author… our time with special guest Dick Wybrow was a blast. As the description implies, we were all over the place with this episode – because Dick’s experiences are all over the place! We talked about his connection with the Māori people of New Zealand, his books, family… inspirations! Read more

Free to Be You and Me #mopedoutlaws #enjoy

Free to Be You and Me #128

Welcome to an episode packed with dynamic discussions that bridge the realms of politics, pop culture, and positive change! Today, we are thrilled to have Radell Lewis, the co-host of the acclaimed podcast, Purple Political Breakdown, as our guest. Dive deep into insightful conversations that go beyond the political spectrum, touching on One Piece, the hero’s journey, and pivotal thoughts on enhancing our voting systems. Read more

What Do I Want to Do After I Double The Human Economy?

What Do I Want to Do After I Double The Human Economy?

This is an episode for you academics and economic experts. However, our guest this week — Noah Healy — speaks in a manner so a dummy like me can partake in and understand the conversation. No small feat for Mr. Healy. Luckily, half our production team is well versed in elements of the world economy and commerce markets.

Stick with this episode and you’ll gain some insights into the world of trading, how computers have impacted one’s ability to trade, A.I.’s potential impact (dang AI, you crop up almost every episode!!), and the existence of the illuminati. Read more

Horror and Yummy Goodness #126

Horror and Yummy Goodness #126

This episode with John Verrico, former Navy journalist and lover of old horror films, is definitely a treat! Read more

Piled High and Deep - episode 125

Piled High and Deep

We had a blast with the Mike McCallister Eminent Scholar Chair in Information Systems at Louisiana Tech University, Dr. Craig Van Slyke.

We talked about music, the most popular NFL player currently – Taylor Swift, an AI platform he is involved with… and his area of academics; information systems. We touch on economics… politics… Read more

Healing Time & Second Line

Donna D, Urban Mommy, is a strong creative living in New Orleans.

She’s a powerhouse, a vibrant energy who has created a series that is now in talk for a move – possibly a series. Read more

Give It Away Now #mopedoutlaws #enjoy

Give It Away Now

This is a great episode with Paul Zolman, creator of Role Of Love – a game to help teach people the practice of loving. Read more