Open To More #mopedoutlaws #enjoy

Open To More

If there is anything that really stands out hanging with Merit, it is being open to more: dream bigger! This is a very human, vulnerable, and uplifting interview with a vibrant spirit. AND; bonus!! The age old question, “What is Love?”, is answered!!

Merit introduces the idea of a 90 day romance: and I submit my application…

Come on; buckle up and get ready for yet another joyful ride along the blue highways of Life!

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#mopedoutlaws #enjoy

Escape From Physical Form

Escape From Physical Form

Come with us, and you’ll hear, a world of per imagination…

Today we meet author, lobbyist, card carrying geek, husband – J.V. Hilliard. Read more

Womanish (And Other Important Topics)

Womanish (And Other Important Topics)

Doctor, academic, mother, partner, friend, author — Dr. Spencer-Antoine is so rich in experience and knowledge, I think we just did our best to keep our jaw from hitting the floor and soaked in all we could. Read more

Stand-up with Jesus #mopedoutlaws #enjoy #119

Stand-up with Jesus

So… Anthony crashed episode #119 with a heave and a ho! Read more

Farah Means Joy #118

Farah Means Joy

This episode starts with talk about the weather… and then? We dive in! Read more

Way To Bring It Down, Cat Boy #117 #mopedoutlaws #enjoy

Way To Bring It Down, Cat Boy

“My door flings open and there’s this little, tiny woman standing there.” Read more

The C Word #116

The C Word #116

Edward Miskie from Manhattan is our guest this episode… and he’s a firebrand!

We delve into his experience with cancer (not the “C” word the title is referring to), a bit about spirituality and religious beliefs, and — was the pandemic real? (yes; it was) Read more

I Expect Residuals #115 Moped Outlaws

I Expect Residuals #115

This episode? We visit with Nickolas Natali, an actor in Southern California. And our first question? How was it to live in a van down by the river? Read more