A Million Ways to Nirvana

A Million Ways to Nirvana

We start with a brief exploration of a project that has been languishing for decades: Humble and Grace and the Great Solar Eclipse Adventure.

Then we move on to something more obtuse: What if God was one of us?

What happens when we die?

I’ll take Nirvana for a million.

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Get Out of Bed

Oh me; oh my!!

What does it take to step into greatness — your greatness?

Sometimes it is just getting the fuck out of bed.

Episode 31

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Better... stronger... faster

Better… stronger… faster

What is it to be a “better me”?

And what are we doing in the realm of avoidance?

We explore these questions together – as a new year is often a time for resolutions; to be a better me.

So, come along for this week’s ride… with the Moped Outlaws.

The big question: will Marc own a jump rope next episode?


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"originality" and "fresh"

“originality” and “fresh”

This first episode of our second season, the first episode of 2022, is primarily about…

The Matrix Resurrections

One of us didn’t like it. One of us had a wonderful time.

And one of us can’t remember Carrie-Anne Moss’ name. And one of us looks to IMDb for it…

And a Keanu Reeves quiz.

And our thoughts on the climatic ending in the realms of feminist thought.

This was a lot of fun… nice start to the new year; new season…

Oh yes: Spoiler Alert

Extra points: from what did we get this episode’s title from?

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Into the Void

highlights… low points… things we’re grateful for…

we end this year with good cheer

…and Greg really did get The Flaming Lips without the aid of Google – really!

Happy New Year Everyone

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Merry Christmas!

Spoiler Alert

Marc & Greg talk about their Christmas Top 5 movies… and spoilers are on point.

So whom ever you are, where ever you are… we hope you have a Merry Christmas!

Love Actually
Four Christmases
Fred Clause
Happiest Season

Miracle on 34th Street
It’s A Wonderful Life
The Santa Clause
Mister Magoo’s Christmas Carol

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Minino Caliente

Well, yes, Tabasco plays a prominent role in today’s podcast.

And we join the holiday cheer with talk of… which store would you break in to?


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Who Are You?

Who Are You?

In this episode, we have a nice segment where Greg’s knowledge of the classic rock band, THE WHO, is challenged…

There’s a mention of the supergroup; we now present to you – The Rolling Beatles!

And we wind up some how with mopeds, Harleys, and Healy. (Squirrel!) inside joke… 

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