The Wackos Are Evident #105 #mopedoutlaws #enjoy

The Wackos Are Evident

Episode 105 is with a very special guest – a solid creative – Mike Oppenheim! We’re off with quantum computing, AI, the power to run it… and avocados! I think we should add avocados, along with a towel, to a hitchhiker’s “must haves”.
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Thank You For Receiving the Light #104

Thank You For Receiving the Light

This is a wonderful episode with Mari Reisberg. She is a Creativity Cultivator and Licensed Professional Counselor, and – as we found out – delves in angel therapy.
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Tongo Eisen-Martin #mopedoutlaws #enjoy

Tongo Eisen-Martin

I am speechless. Our time with Tongo was inspired fire and intelligence, with creative insight and action.

God bless the creatives of our world.
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You're Gonna Bomb

You’re Gonna Bomb

Our special guest this episode is the very generous, and experienced, Scott Edwards. He opened a comedy club in Sacramento in the early 80’s. Scott shares his experiences as an entrepreneur. His story of Gary’s stand-up in a special place at Laugh’s Unlimited is brilliant.

He also shares some of the personal challenges he’s experienced… and how he got through them. AND – he owned a submarine!! Scott has a deep life with something near and dear to our hearts – stand-up!! Read more

Walk Through Hell And Bring The Devil To His Knees #101

Walk Through Hell And Bring The Devil To His Knees

This is an intensely powerful episode with a real survivor; Elizabeth Mikotowicz. We hear of the hell of abuse from a relationship. The hell of abuse from a system that is supposed to be helping people in trouble… The free labor gained from incarcerated individuals…

There is so much abuse, abuse of power, severe trauma… one might wonder how an individual retains hope and remains engaged in creating a life of meaning and joy. Well, Elizabeth is a person living the solution.

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Blue Highways #100

Blue Highways

It was Earth Day. It was Record Store Day. It was the recording of our 100th episode… we took to the road.. and…

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Glow: Show Your Love #99

Glow: Show Your Love

We welcome back a dear friend of the show; Radio Active.

It’s all love on this show; I can’t think of a better way to head over to our hundredth episode.

#mopedoutlaws #enjoy

Sun Goes Up. Sun Goes Down. Things Do Change. #98

Sun Goes Up. Sun Goes Down. Things Do Change.

We host yet another wonderful guest; Chris Smith from Newcastle.

We start right in with his work with CALM and our personal experiences with our own mental challenges and journey to mental health. There is also Chris’ journey in the martial arts. Though he doesn’t state it out-right, and we didn’t ask, I think it is safe to say he is a master.

He shares openly and there is a lot of wonderful bits to pull and add to one’s tools for health and well-being.

And then Chris and Marc geek out… which we need to allow for, yes?

#mopedoutlaws #enjoy