Horror and Yummy Goodness #126

Horror and Yummy Goodness #126

This episode with John Verrico, former Navy journalist and lover of old horror films, is definitely a treat! Read more

Piled High and Deep - episode 125

Piled High and Deep

We had a blast with the Mike McCallister Eminent Scholar Chair in Information Systems at Louisiana Tech University, Dr. Craig Van Slyke.

We talked about music, the most popular NFL player currently – Taylor Swift, an AI platform he is involved with… and his area of academics; information systems. We touch on economics… politics… Read more

Healing Time & Second Line

Donna D, Urban Mommy, is a strong creative living in New Orleans.

She’s a powerhouse, a vibrant energy who has created a series that is now in talk for a move – possibly a series. Read more

Give It Away Now #mopedoutlaws #enjoy

Give It Away Now

This is a great episode with Paul Zolman, creator of Role Of Love – a game to help teach people the practice of loving. Read more

Open To More #mopedoutlaws #enjoy

Open To More

If there is anything that really stands out hanging with Merit, it is being open to more: dream bigger! This is a very human, vulnerable, and uplifting interview with a vibrant spirit. AND; bonus!! The age old question, “What is Love?”, is answered!!

Merit introduces the idea of a 90 day romance: and I submit my application…

Come on; buckle up and get ready for yet another joyful ride along the blue highways of Life!

Who Chiseled That?: https://thedentheatre.com/performances/2023/10/5/who-chiseled-that-the-den-theatre


#mopedoutlaws #enjoy

Escape From Physical Form

Escape From Physical Form

Come with us, and you’ll hear, a world of per imagination…

Today we meet author, lobbyist, card carrying geek, husband – J.V. Hilliard. Read more

Womanish (And Other Important Topics)

Womanish (And Other Important Topics)

Doctor, academic, mother, partner, friend, author — Dr. Spencer-Antoine is so rich in experience and knowledge, I think we just did our best to keep our jaw from hitting the floor and soaked in all we could. Read more

Stand-up with Jesus #mopedoutlaws #enjoy #119

Stand-up with Jesus

So… Anthony crashed episode #119 with a heave and a ho! Read more