The Speed of Reparations

The Speed of Reparations

We start with perspective; the importance of it — how one’s outlook on life is changed by their perspective… with a couple of examples.

We discuss Mr. Chappelle’s latest special; the conversations created around it. Good? Bad? Audience reactions? #spacejews

Predatory Capitalism’s end goal and actions based on fear of losing one’s place of power and privilege.

…and the speed of reparations.

#enjoy #mopedoutlaws

Thanks and Praise

Thanks and Praise

What is Thanksgiving to you? This is one of our initial conversations in this episode (black friday).

And we discuss Indigenous Peoples’ Day — formerly a day that celebrated that Italian.

And we talk about a personal hero of ours, one whom we are honored to consider a friend: Chris Furbee.

He lives with Huntington’s Disease and produced a documentary about his experience with the disease: Huntington’s Dance.

This is truly an episode of thanks and praise…


calaveritas de azucar

Calaveritas de Azúcar

Unfortunately, we start today’s madness with some COVID-19 talk. I say “unfortunately” because there is far too much COVID-19 talk these days – and I don’t know that we added much of value to it. None-the-less, with that, we’re off and running…

We speak of waste management.  We speak of healing. We speak of narcissism – and acknowledge neither of us are educated enough to diagnose such a disease.

In honor of dia de los muertos…

Do not stand at my grave and weep. I am not there. I do not sleep. ~ Mary Frye ~


By The Pricking of My Thumb

We approach Halloween Eve…

with a celebration of life for a co-worker from Marc’s time at the ranch.

Messages of grief that come with change.

Our physical well-being. Dystopian realities.

More fear stories. What are we protecting?


PE 101 | Moped Outlaws

Physical Ed 101

A lot of this 18th episode is about our bodies, our biology, being fit… and we start with that “end all” of physical activity; masturbation.

Marc is bravely on the hot-seat for a lot of this episode.

My hat’s off to him.


navigating stormy waters

Ooo baby, wanna touch ya

This episode introduces a sound board of effects, noises, phrases, etc. for our producer to play with… (Art is our producer). And we start with… can you guess? Go ahead—take a minute…

YES!! Music!! Yusuf / Cat Stevens light.

We discuss a bit of the OM practice; a mindfulness practice we both appreciate.

Who’s responsible for one’s feelings and thoughts? Are compliments appropriate?

And on and on. Navigating stormy waters.

#enjoy #mopedoutlaws

be your dog

Be Your Dog

We begin with Marc learning a friend of our suddenly passed away…

And Led Zeppelin’s place in our growing up: folk rock vs. real rock (sorry Marc).

The past heartbreaks we’ve grown from… (que Heartbreaker)

The truth about The Exorcist; and the majesty of Tubular Bells.

OK – once again; a lot of music talk actually.

i really DO wanna be your dog.


Rock God

Rock God

What will you do without your bacon? Yes, we discuss some dietary choices…

Discussing the process involved with bringing food to the table: Seaspiracy

Cathie’s artistry.

A quick reference to some Bowie videos.

And the Star Spangled Banner.

(of course we talk about music!)