I'll Be There in Two Weeks

I’ll Be There in Two Weeks

With North Korea, Don Quixote, our producer Art, banging on the door – we are glad for the appearance of the Dark Knight: Batman.

This one is kind of all over the place.

And, Mr. Perry… I’ll be there in two weeks!

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For a NSFW episode, we spend almost half of the show avoiding the main topic: dirty lyrics.

And besides exploring the world’s places determined to be “hands off” by UNESCO, we also talk about Coma Patients Day.

We finally arrive at the main part of the show… to find out we have a different set of parameters regarding “dirty lyrics”.

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Healing Love to Bobby G

According to our producer, Art, this episode was supposed to be about standing up to tyranny, celebrating Juan Santamaría Day, and a stance against colonialism, racism, and…

We got off course quite a bit. Let’s see… there was a commercial for MTC oil, some film talk about villainous characters, a visit from the founder of our podcast name…

And some Healing Love to Bobby G.

Next episode is about dirty song lyrics. Not if our producer, Art, can help it.

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Own Everything

Own Everything

This is quite the episode. Ultimately, we are attempting to promote our NFTs available at a Kmart close to you… because — Sears Corp. is going to save its market value with web 3.0.

Marc is very transparent; Greg is talking too much.

And the slap heard ’round the world continues to reverberate along the social media blockchain of middle america.

And somehow, amidst the chaos of this episode – we manage once again to work music into the episode.

It’s times like these you learn to live again.

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Know Your Triggers

Know Your Triggers

I think it is safe to say, we got into some things with this one.

Outlaw Marc just graduated from Initiate’s Path Phase 1, a course given through ReMember Institute.

Admittedly, most of of this episode is Marc and I discussing my being triggered by some of what I hear from the CEO of ReMember Institute, Rev. Brig Feltus.

I think we concluded, off mic, there is a lot more to be discussed between us… and I hope there shall be.

I think I shall ponder some more about why I am triggered by some of Rev. Brig’s words… and why is it important to me.

Que The Rolling Stone’s, I Just Want to See His Face.

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Celebrate Every Day

Today, March 21st, there are (at least) 31 different things to celebrate.

Today, our podcast is devoted to each and every one of them.

So: Hurray for Memory Day! Hurray for Nowruz! Hurray for Crunchy Taco Day!!

Hurray for Spring Fairy Fun Day

And with our rocky start in mind, I think we turned in a nice tribute.

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Careful With That Cough, Eugene

Careful With That Cough, Eugene

…or how Hollywood cured the common cold.

Greg should have spoken in a low, quite voice throughout the entirety of this podcast.

He didn’t; and we all are suffering for it – worse then he was…

Oddly enough, there is some content in here about The Outlaws’ thoughts on what makes a great film.

And, do you want to see the greatest movie scene ever created?

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Astrology: The Scientific Journey

This episode is dedicated to Marc Wendt; outlaw host, musician, coach, partner, friend, man in bloom…

Who is turning 59 today.

And of course we journey the backroads of consciousness… debating the science of astrology; or – the astrological aspects of science… or some such thing…

Happy Birthday, Golden Bear!!

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