Get Your Foot on the Ground and Feel That Pavement, episode 89 #mopedoutlaws #enjoy

Get Your Foot on the Ground and Feel That Pavement

This episode finds us talking with creative guest, Brandon Leibowitz, founder of SEO Optimizers.

Brandon proved to be very ethical; and very private. I think we gave a solid shot to draw out some insight into Brandon’s personal life. I think he kept it close.

He also was very generous with his knowledge about SEO and creating sales conversions via websites and social media.

We did find out he likes to grind concrete waves and rails… and there is a definite passion there!

There is solid information here… hear it here.

In his words: Brandon Leibowitz runs and operate SEO Optimizers since 2007. We are a digital marketing company that focuses on helping small and medium-sized businesses get more online traffic, which in turn converts into clients, sales, leads, etc.

#mopedoutlaws #enjoy