Moped Outlaws

The Decaying Carcass of an Old Salt

Ar’!! It be talk like a pirate day today, and one of us did their homework and be talkin’ like a true rogue of the seven seas – a buccaneer with an even keel and true sail.

We be discussin’ the code of a few worthy captains that led many a men to fortune and tale.

Black Caesar himself is called forth in tale and was known to be a “huge size, immense strength and keen intelligence”.

And so it goes… Hoist the Colors and be brave, for we be of fortune and fame today!

(um… how did we get on the topic of rough sex?)

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Cuddle & Cry

This episode starts with one of the co-hosts has trouble getting in to our studio… and the other co-host falls short of encouragement.

And we turn our malice on our producer; Art.

There’s 9/11 talk, Yellow Submarine, good nutrition, the Universe, female orgasm… and on and on.

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I Don’t Like Mondays

This episode is about mass shootings – the darker side of humanity.

What is the source of human violence? What causes the silicon chip inside her head to switch to overload?

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crazy wisdom

The Ultimate Lessons in Surrender

We talk about my Mom in process of passing… and the fascia of consciousness.

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Drunk-Ass Thinking

Drunk-Ass Thinking

Well, there is some talk about male period pains. How different hygiene products would be if men did have periods…

A bit regarding recovering from COVID.

We talk about Jar Jar Binks critical scene in Blade Runner 2049… which of course leads right into Jackass movies.

Tabasco Rockets. The inevitability of death. Hells Angels.

Yep – some drunk-ass thinking this episode… with a surprise ending.

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suffering is optional

Suffering is Optional

Episode 61 is about our Moms… more directly, the passing of our Mothers.

That’s what this is about.

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Elvis Had Little Nuts, episode 60

Elvis Had Little Nuts

A quick shoutout to the auspicious nature of episode sixty coinciding with Greg’s sixtieth birthday.

And then…?? We dive into the debate about misappropriation of music. Is it possible? Is creativity to be owned and horded? (Ok, that was a biased question for sure – that last one…)

But really, isn’t sharing, borrowing, incorporating other creativities the very nature of creativity? (Still biased).

And – was Elvis a bigot?

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Giddy Joy

Fills Me With Giddy Joy

A main starter this episode: our adventure to see Dave Chappelle live in Santa Rosa!!

…Happy Birthday, Jerry.

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