Out of the Ashes

This episode actually launches our podcast; Moped Outlaws.

This episode went live on Facebook — and the popcorn factory came through!!

Listen to the discovery process that takes place over the course of an hour plus.

At the beginning of this we were a motherless child… by the time it ends, we are…


…and we’re off

(and my audio is much better, too!)

Still the Same

Still the Same

Episode 10… we still haven’t learned our lesson regarding the original podcast name: Cracka Jacks.

And this episode starts a little dark; with chaotic summer camp classes. We get into the WWF of politics.

And a bit of talk about secret societies… and the tasty beverage; Adrenochrome.

Stay Healthy, My Friends.

The Great White Falcon

The Great White Falcon

episode nine: I finally have a real mic. we’re still thinking our podcast is called “Cracka Jacks”. We’re still both into music – big time…

And Outlaw Marc has a beautiful story about a local music store, a Christmas morning, an ex-wife, and the legendary White Falcon.


Do the right thing.


That’s Some WAP

Our eighth episode; and we start in on Will Smith, movies staying true to the tv shows they come from…

And right in to indigenous cultures of North America. Moral code of Clint Eastwood movies. There’s Kid Creole and the Coconuts, so this episode might get pulled.

Oh, yeah… and Marilyn Manson’s Speed of Pain. And WAP!!

Yeah; we’ll get pulled for sure.


Morning Glory

What’s the Story Morning Glory?

Well – this episode is a bit telling about our youth. Um… there’s a high-school drug off, anger (non) management…

And there’s some positive: ACIM talk.

Wrestle mania…

And my mic still sucks.

In Memory Of

This episode was recorded on Memorial Day.

We haven’t learned our lesson yet regarding our first choice for podcast title… and my mic quality still sucks. I haven’t mentioned that before, but each episode grinds on my mind – endlessly.

We’re working out the opening sounder… and…


Negative Development

Well, this fifth episode is still us developing elements of this podcast. There’s a moment were the recording was stopped – about 5 minutes into it. We talk about the opening we’re creating… our love for Dave Grohl… The Rolling Stones… we tend to talk music a lot. It’s one of our mutual passions.

Marc returns home. We’re a bit crass. There’s some dead air. Enjoy.

This Headline is Click-Bait

This episode we start off talking a little about the pieces coming together for our new podcast we’re doing together, then evangelical free churches… and something completely different. Camping chaos, Chevy Chase. Hey; we’re in development. So, why are we sharing this, you might ask… I don’t know. It’s episode four.