I'm Legit Funny, episode 95

I’m Legit Funny

Today’s episode features a very talented, experienced, and positively driven guest: Victor Varnado.

I very much appreciate his quote, “I’m going to function like I’m a talent.”

We had a very educational conversation with Victor about the entertainment business, comedy, and business in general.

I have a distinct feeling that Marc and I barely scratched the surface of what Victor has to offer… and I apologize for my audio.

And, finally, at the end of the podcast.. we get to music! He picked Em.

In his own words:
I’m a black person with albinism who was also born legally blind. I have maneuvered the world of entertainment and entrepreneurship and excelled in places that were not built for me.

Here are relevant links for Victor:

the Anti-Racism Activity Book:

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