Nicked 'nd Caged, episode 94 #mopedoutlaws #enjoy #stopjalapenoabuse

Nicked ‘nd Caged

We start off with a bang! Douglas isn’t afraid to go in… and we did!

We speaketh with Sir Doug about his piercings.. his first while rolling around in the gutter with the mud, and the blood, and the beer on St. Patty’s Day. The all important answer to Eminem or Foo Fighters… we await their co-creative song they are working on. Punk Rock? Fuck Yeah!

Then; the omnipotent Nick Cage takes over the rest of the podcast – at least his Spirit remains, guiding us through the remaining topics of story-telling, punk shows, backstage shenanigans, and Doug’s personal experience with trauma… there is reason to considering changing our gun laws.

Mr. Cage? I salute you.

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#mopedoutlaws #enjoy #stopjalapenoabuse