navigating stormy waters

Ooo baby, wanna touch ya

This episode introduces a sound board of effects, noises, phrases, etc. for our producer to play with… (Art is our producer). And we start with… can you guess? Go ahead—take a minute…

YES!! Music!! Yusuf / Cat Stevens light.

We discuss a bit of the OM practice; a mindfulness practice we both appreciate.

Who’s responsible for one’s feelings and thoughts? Are compliments appropriate?

And on and on. Navigating stormy waters.

#enjoy #mopedoutlaws

be your dog

Be Your Dog

We begin with Marc learning a friend of our suddenly passed away…

And Led Zeppelin’s place in our growing up: folk rock vs. real rock (sorry Marc).

The past heartbreaks we’ve grown from… (que Heartbreaker)

The truth about The Exorcist; and the majesty of Tubular Bells.

OK – once again; a lot of music talk actually.

i really DO wanna be your dog.


Rock God

Rock God

What will you do without your bacon? Yes, we discuss some dietary choices…

Discussing the process involved with bringing food to the table: Seaspiracy

Cathie’s artistry.

A quick reference to some Bowie videos.

And the Star Spangled Banner.

(of course we talk about music!)


Art is Our Producer

Art Is Our Producer

We start off with bravery and emotional intelligence; which perhaps neither of us have. 🙂

And we have an original song: Just Because… a soon to be classic (I’m sure!)

A little political rant.

And we get a bit juicy with our Facebook audience.


People Are Strange

People Are Strange

Here is episode 13.

And we’re well into things here… We talk of the growing marijuana industry (pun intended), partnerships, being human, live music.

Of Course – we talk about music!!

What is it really? More friendly banter from two fools on the hill.


The Backroads

The Backroads

Marc Wendt… on the backroads of America…

So, we start with COVID coming back – unfortunately.

We decide poverty is not a joke.

We have an instance of deja vu; thanks to me, discuss the creator of our logo and Bent Duo…

And a new piece of equipment is needed for me to get my audio right!

here’s to old man naps. #enjoy


Out of the Ashes

This episode actually launches our podcast; Moped Outlaws.

This episode went live on Facebook — and the popcorn factory came through!!

Listen to the discovery process that takes place over the course of an hour plus.

At the beginning of this we were a motherless child… by the time it ends, we are…


…and we’re off

(and my audio is much better, too!)

Still the Same

Still the Same

Episode 10… we still haven’t learned our lesson regarding the original podcast name: Cracka Jacks.

And this episode starts a little dark; with chaotic summer camp classes. We get into the WWF of politics.

And a bit of talk about secret societies… and the tasty beverage; Adrenochrome.

Stay Healthy, My Friends.