Blue Highways #100

Blue Highways

It was Earth Day. It was Record Store Day. It was the recording of our 100th episode… we took to the road.. and…

We spoke with Sean, the owner of Red Whale Coffee, and his assistant; Nile. We learned about his passion for great coffee and supporting the community. Their mission: “Our mission at Red Whale Coffee is to create stronger community through our brand and coffee, one cup at a time.”

Then we spoke with James.. who is pursuing his vision for the first public school of magic for children. He currently resides at Camp Compassion… a place everyone should visit often. It was a very moving conversation for me.

We visited with Matthew Hurley, San Rafael librarian. They educated us about the community services that libraries are focused on, such as… a source of accurate information. We also learned a valuable lesson about identity, and the space for human learning.

Our last conversation was with Gary of Mill Valley Music; one of the crown jewels of vinyl proprietors. Before recording, we slobbered over mountains of black gold… dreaming of what we would walk with if we each had $10K to spend in the store. Though we didn’t agree completely on what we were agaga over – we both agreed the 10K would be spent quickly… there is a treasure trove of music in Mill Valley!

And that’s a wrap – here’s to the next hundie!

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