What Do I Want to Do After I Double The Human Economy?

What Do I Want to Do After I Double The Human Economy?

This is an episode for you academics and economic experts. However, our guest this week — Noah Healy — speaks in a manner so a dummy like me can partake in and understand the conversation. No small feat for Mr. Healy. Luckily, half our production team is well versed in elements of the world economy and commerce markets.

Stick with this episode and you’ll gain some insights into the world of trading, how computers have impacted one’s ability to trade, A.I.’s potential impact (dang AI, you crop up almost every episode!!), and the existence of the illuminati.

Global benchmarks, natural properties of markets, political interests of influence… this is a good ride, folks! Buckle up, pop open a can of adrenochrome cola, and get ready to smart up.

I learned a lot about the stock market – I now get shorting a stock! “Boom; goes the dynamite!”

It is worth sticking through the technical difficulties we had… we get it corrected. Think of it as part of the management of chaos – another topic covered here.

You can find more information about his company & patent: https://coordisc.com/

And here is a link to The 4th Age – The AI Revolution Podcast: https://open.spotify.com/show/6vrhhaa8vkb7Ddaw7ZsrNu

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