Horror and Yummy Goodness #126

Horror and Yummy Goodness #126

This episode with John Verrico, former Navy journalist and lover of old horror films, is definitely a treat!

John has a vast amount of various experiences… we venture from school bully’s, the psychology of monsters (they’re just misunderstood and need to be seen, right?), the need for six pots of coffee a day (a time from the past – save your canceling emails) …

And we play a game: “Great Grandchild of Dr. Moreau”. Well, I’m sure we can find a scarier name for the game than that!!

John also is a co-author of the book, “Cracking the Rich Code”. I’m telling you, this episode is a roller-coaster ride of thrills!

You can check out all things John and purchase his book here: https://www.johnverrico.com

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