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Free to Be You and Me #128

Welcome to an episode packed with dynamic discussions that bridge the realms of politics, pop culture, and positive change! Today, we are thrilled to have Radell Lewis, the co-host of the acclaimed podcast, Purple Political Breakdown, as our guest. Dive deep into insightful conversations that go beyond the political spectrum, touching on One Piece, the hero’s journey, and pivotal thoughts on enhancing our voting systems.

Discover Radell’s unique perspective, derived from a wellspring of contemplation and profound insights. Whether you’re a political enthusiast or someone seeking a fresh take on current affairs, this episode is your gateway to a diverse and enriching experience.

Explore more of Radell’s compelling thoughts and political explorations at

Tune in now for an episode that transcends boundaries, where politics meets passion, and every conversation sparks positive change.

And… due to technical difficulties, Marc only participated at the very beginning – so, I MO first… and hopefully “only”.

#mopedoutlaws #enjoy