To Be Leveraged Effectively #mopedoutlaws #enjoy

To Be Leveraged Effectively #148

Our guest this episode is a very experienced and successful (important aspect to the bio) NFT/crypto marketer, Arvin Khamseh, calling in all the way for Dubai.

We start with a little background on his unique elementary school experience in a rough neighborhood of Iran. The school was for genius level children. So, obviously, his next step was into improv comedy…

This is a very educational episode about crypto financing and marketing. Usually, I glaze over with such talk about marketing and economics; this is a lively conversation!

And towards the end, Marc suggests a marketing idea to take over the world. You can email for royalty payments. Art will make sure he gets them.

You can connect with Arvin at and via Galaxy Pals:

#mopedoutlaws #enjoy