Hats Off to Boots #mopedoutlaws #enjoy

Hats Off to Boots #147

“I needed her to die.” This is just one of the many powerful statements that came from this episode’s guest, Suzanne Boots Knighton. Boots experienced a heart attack and had open-heart surgery on January 15, 2021. Her mom passed away. She broke her leg, fell and hit her head, sustaining brain trauma… She is experiencing quite a bit of transformation in her life. And she’s an extreme sports enthusiast.

Our time with Boots was way too quick, though this is one of the longest episodes in Moped Outlaws history.

The depth and personal aspects she shares with us… well, I think you’ll be a lot like Marc and I – uplifted by spending time with Boots Knighton.

Connect with Boots at https://www.theheartchamberpodcast.com/

#mopedoutlaws #enjoy