Put Paws On This #mopedoutlaws #enjoy #137

Put Paws On This

Leanne is a stand-up comic, actor, and CEO of her recently launched online platform: Plauzzable. She shares with us not only the journey she’s been on to launch and support her company – but also the tenacity involved with just getting back up again with all things in life.

From an impromptu trip to Italy with an acquaintance to fulfilling open-mic location challenges with just minutes to spare, Leanne is pure adventure with the tenacity to get it done.

This is a very, very full episode – with antidotes about relationships, creating a business, writing jokes… this episode is PACKED!!

I think ultimately, this episode is about being knocked down and getting back up!

Plauzzable is online at https://plauzzable.com.

#mopedoutlaws #enjoy