Breaking Rules and Raising Happy Kids #mopedoutlaws #enjoy

Breaking Rules and Raising Happy Kids

In her own words, Sue needs a handler in public… however, our experience with her has me believe she says that because she knows she’s willingly bucking the social norm.

Simply put, Sue discovered the path of parenting is really a path of discovering one’s inner peace – the ability to let go of ego and fear. A wonderful quote that demonstrates this is when she states that if her children are lying to her, it is her fault. She didn’t create the relationship with her children for them to believe she could handle their truth.

Parental collaboration. Allowing one’s child to find and live their own path… and not giving a f^ck. I think anyone will gain insight and support with this episode.

You can connect with Sue, book a free consultation, and receive all her resources – including her book – via:

This is a very levelheaded conversation; one Marc and I deeply appreciated being a part of. A conversation about grace and growth.

Oh, yeah… she’s also very passionate about comedy and Sade!

#mopedoutlaws #enjoy