Macabre Décor #149

Macabre Décor #149

We come back from hiatus with a second visit from author Douglas Weissman. Doug joins us as his second novel, “Girl in the Ashes”, hits the shelves. (We don’t talk about the other books; much like Bruno.) So, of course we begin with talk about THE ACTOR, Nicolas Cage. And the merits of bagpipes.

We finally get around to Doug’s work as an author.

Apparently, this second novel (with asterisk), is quite intense… and Marc gives as a read from “Girl in the Ashes”. It is intense. The TV show, Dexter, inspired the seed of this story… Doug found this seed of an idea as a unique way to explore WW II and the Holocaust.

And peaches seems to also play a large role in this story. (Teaches of Peaches?)

We explore plot, story, changes to books as they become movies… Tom Cruise as Reacher (“…never deny Tom an action moment”).

Trigger warning: there is a dark joke about 1/2 way into this episode. And some exploration of the mindset of a serial killer in WWII.

Oddly enough, this episode is a joyful return to our regular broadcasting schedule.

We support you getting the book at a local bookstore… and, this is the Amazon link:

If you want to take Doug up on his offer via his LinkedIn account, you may find him here:

Nick, as he should, makes a lot of appearances in this fine episode…

P.S. Scusa, Italia

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