Live. Die. Live Again. #150 #mopedoutlaws #enjoy

Live. Die. Live Again. #150

This is a brilliant episode with special guest Neal Fisher, author and creator of “A Unified Man: Building a Nation from Within”. We leap into conversation with life according to the Road Warrior series by George Miller. And we dig in to the ephemeral aspect of thought and belief.

Neal really dove in deep with us – sharing his experiences with hopelessness and depression as challenges that brought him top a place of accepting pure responsibility for who he is and his life. Mr. Fisher is a man who continues to learn to not just “go with the flow”, he is engaged with being an active part of the flow. He’s all in; 100%!

He continually is embodying his philosophy – and he joyfully shares his wisdom with any interested. We were interested.

I also will say – he met our challenges in conversation in a very honest, mindful manner. We loved our time with Neal – I think you will, too!

You can connect with Neal via his website:

#mopedoutlaws #enjoy