Held In a Body of Love #130 #mopedoutlaws #enjoy

Held In a Body of Love

Episode #130 finds us hanging out with Martina Clark, streaming from Brooklyn, New York. Martina is in her own words, “Author, Activist, Educator, Grateful Aunt, and occasional Singer”. She’s far more than that. Martina is a survivor. We dive into the deep end of the pool with Martina, talking about her marriage to a person with a mental illness, diagnosed after they had divorced, and the path of healing from the mental trauma she experienced in that relationship.

Our title to this episode comes from a mantra she uses, and shared with us, that helps her re-center when things are tipsy inside.

Besides the touchy topics of toxic relationships, racism, biological health challenges from HIV and COVID, we also talk about the current affairs with Israel, Hamas, and Palestine. In all these volatile topics, Martina holds a grace that doesn’t waver – and was quite healing to be with.

I believe she holds life in a body of Love. Towards the end of our time with Martina, she states, “Think as big, and scary, and radically as your comfortable doing. And then push maybe a little bit more.” I take this as wonderful encouragement to live. We are very grateful that Professor Clark is with us… and what a surprise we got at the end!

You can connect with Martina and purchase her book at: https://martina-clark.com/

#mopedoutlaws #enjoy