Big Complex Conversations in Nuanced Ways #mopedoutlaws #enjoy

Big Complex Conversations in Nuanced Ways

Are we going to go there? This question is rhetorically asked right at the beginning of this episode; all three of us went there with trust and grace.

A hit song from the early eighties comes to mind: “free your mind, the rest will follow”.

Our guest in today’s episode is Jonathan Dumas; a Career Transition Coach, DEI Speaker & Facilitator, Podcast Host at Highly Visible & a Little Misunderstood. He is a conscious guest, sharing openly and transparently about his experience as a man of color. I continue to learn from interacting with Jonathan; and I’m grateful for the time he gives to Moped Outlaws.

I recommend allowing yourself to listen to this with a beginner’s mind. There is a lot to be gained here – I’ll be listening to this more than once for sure! As co-host Marc stated in this episode, “sitting and listening… goes a long way to healing”.

You can connect with Jonathan via his website:
And his podcast, Highly Visible & A Little Misunderstood, is available at:

#mopedoutlaws #enjoy