In Memory Of

This episode was recorded on Memorial Day.

We haven’t learned our lesson yet regarding our first choice for podcast title… and my mic quality still sucks. I haven’t mentioned that before, but each episode grinds on my mind – endlessly.

We’re working out the opening sounder… and…


Negative Development

Well, this fifth episode is still us developing elements of this podcast. There’s a moment were the recording was stopped – about 5 minutes into it. We talk about the opening we’re creating… our love for Dave Grohl… The Rolling Stones… we tend to talk music a lot. It’s one of our mutual passions.

Marc returns home. We’re a bit crass. There’s some dead air. Enjoy.

This Headline is Click-Bait

This episode we start off talking a little about the pieces coming together for our new podcast we’re doing together, then evangelical free churches… and something completely different. Camping chaos, Chevy Chase. Hey; we’re in development. So, why are we sharing this, you might ask… I don’t know. It’s episode four.

gone dead train

Train Off the Track

I think whoever said three is a charm, didn’t experience our third episode here. Technical chaos, relationship chaos, tenderloin chaos, just chaos in general… Gone dead train… (great song, by the way).

comedy corn episode 2

Comedy Corn (E2)

In our second episode, we discuss comedy, special olympics, owning words,  and what our catch phrase will be… we are obviously still working things out.


Slow Start

We are off and running with our first episode… i think comedy, bruce lee, and kung fu panda parties are brought up.

hello world

Moped Outlaws Trailer

an intro to our podcast

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