Lets Make Time

Lets Make Time

This is a special episode… released on this Solstice Eve.

We had a world premier of this gift from The Mighty Goodfellas, ( a production of M.E.T.A.L Mighty Music/ Heroes of Art ) on behalf of Wells Bring Hope for the Holiday season.

Here are the links for supporting this wonderful gift…

The Mighty Goodfellas aim to raise $10,000 to build a well for and bring clean water to a community in Niger. Check out the new single, “Let’s Make Time”, and please help us reach our donation goal for Wells Bring Hope!

Please copy and save the following links! Share with friends and family!

Donate at the Mighty Goodfellas / Wells Bring Hope fundraising page: https://wellsbringhope.org/mightygoodfellas

Check out all the history, background, and social media links – and please give each a follow:
Website: https://www.mightygoodfellas.com

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