Born To Be Wild

Co-host Marc wanted an episode about WILD and HEAL THYSELF course through the ReMember Institute.

This episode is graced with the Spirit of special guest, Reverend Brig Feltus, founder of ReMember Institute and The Intersection.

We started out communicating about being in alignment with nature, and a discourse regarding self-defense.

Then moves into a bit of a debate about the reality of a body and spiritual wholeness of the physical existence.

As the three of us are familiar with ACIM, it made its way into our conversation.

It was a spirited communication with the three of us. That is stated in the most positive of meaning…

Marc and Greg hold a deep respect for the knowledge and teaching of Reverend Brig Feltus. We’re honored she took time to share with us.

We invite you to explore both ReMember Institute and The Intersection.

There was a time long ago when Art, Science, Spirituality, and Technology were practiced in concert. Mankind made monumental breakthroughs. Science, Art, Spirituality, and Technology were once all a part of one exploration.
~ Reverend Brig Feltus, BMSC