Entries by Two Outlaws

Nicked ‘nd Caged

We start off with a bang! Douglas isn’t afraid to go in… and we did! We speaketh with Sir Doug about his piercings.. his first while rolling around in the gutter with the mud, and the blood, and the beer on St. Patty’s Day. The all important answer to Eminem or Foo Fighters… we await […]

Say Her Name: Breonna Taylor

A bit about time, getting old, rejection, butterscotch pudding… Then, Marc reads an AI story about Moped Outlaws… common decency with AI anyone? Apparently, Greg and Marc need more practice in this department… “It can only be attributed to human error.” – HAL 9000 A lot of song references; well – a few… a couple […]

Who F’ckin’ Cares?

We start off strongly, jumping all around like a instant coffee jumping bean from Istanbul. Then we do a dive into Mr. Rogers, his contribution to the Pink Floyd legacy, band-mates that take over a band… to the detriment of the band (to our knowledge). There’s some talk about armchair officiating over artistic endeavors… Roger […]

The Wheat War: sponsored by Adrenochrome Cola

A lot of our episode is about the Ukrainian/Russian war – that had a one-year anniversary on the day we recorded. We were joined by a friend of Marc’s, Michael – so, luckily, there were two people of knowledge involved with the conversation. WWIII anyone? Nuclear armaments? And we discuss the NFL’s new policy on […]

You Stop Living When You Live By Those Fears

It was a delight to converse with Douglas Robbins… we debated music – of course! Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame… relevant? Our show name is briefly discussed… and Doug’s own zen trip around America. We touch upon the genocide of Native Americans; the Day of Mourning… and Doug’s personal experience with reservation life. We […]

Get Your Foot on the Ground and Feel That Pavement

This episode finds us talking with creative guest, Brandon Leibowitz, founder of SEO Optimizers. Brandon proved to be very ethical; and very private. I think we gave a solid shot to draw out some insight into Brandon’s personal life. I think he kept it close. He also was very generous with his knowledge about SEO […]

You Exist. You’re Worthy.

This episode finds us talking with creative guest, Michaell Magrutsche. Michaell was born in Vienna, and as a teenager, found himself exploring the United States. He settled in Laguna Beach, California and embarked on exploring the creative act. There’s music, there’s poetry improve… and a lot of creative exploration. There’s a lot here to unpack. […]

Tripping With One Eye Closed

We address the political correctness of the demons and evil entities of the current day. We address job responswibility; business as usual with the famous blue dress. Greg shows his incompeteance regarding politics… specifically, the presidential election years. The MLK sculpture is discussed… We speak a bit about Rick Rubin’s latest successful career endevour as […]